This is a recipe ideal for breakfast or for your kids tiffin, can also be a tea time snack.
Preparation Time : 20 minutes
Serves : 4-6 persons
Ingredients :
Rava / suji : 1 cup
Refined Flour / maida : 1 cup
Yoghurt / Dahi : 1 cup
White Bread slices : 8-10 slices with trimmed sides.
Tomato slices : for topping as required
Grated coconut : for topping as required
Chopped onions : for topping as required
Chopped coriander : for topping as required
Chopped green Chilli : for topping as required
Water as required
Salt to taste.
Oil for shallow frying
Method : In a bowl,  soak the bread slices in a little water. Drain excess water and mash the bread slices, now add the suji and maida to the mashed bread slices and mix well. Add the Dahi and mix well. Keep aside for 10 minutes. Now blend the mixture with a little salt in a grinder to make a smooth paste. Add little water if the mixture appears too dry for a pancake mixture consistency. Now grease a tawa or frying pan with a little oil and add a spoon of batter and spread in a round direction to make uttapams. Now top the uttapams with little tomato slices, onion, coriander, coconut and green chillies. Flip the uttapams and cook both the sides like a pancake. Now serve the uttapams with green coconut chutney or tomato sauce.