An ideal South Indian Breakfast recipe or can be called the South Indian Pizza served with your favorite toppings!


Preparation Time : 45 minutes
Fermentation Time : 8-9 hours or overnight
Serves: 6 persons

Ingredients :
Rice : 2  cups (Any variety of raw rice)
Urad Daal : 1 cup
Salt to taste
Onions : 2 chopped
Green, Red or Yellow capsicum : 1 chopped
Curry leaves : 15-20
Tomato : 1 chopped

Method :

In a bowl, soak raw rice in enough water for minimum 4-5 hours. In another bowl soak the Urad daal also for minimum 4-5 hours. After enough soaking wash both separately and grind both separately using little water in a wet grinder to make a thick paste. Now in a big bowl mix both the pastes together mixing clock wise and leave aside for 8-9 hours or overnight to ferment. You will notice that the paste has become fluffy. Now add salt and a little water and mix into a thick batter.

Heat a non-stick tawa and put a ladle full of batter and spread thickly. Sprinkle chopped onion, tomato, curry leaves and capsicum on the top as a topping on the Uttappam and sprinkle a little water all around. Now cover and cook on medium heat till the bottom is done. Flip it over and sprinkle a little water around. Cover and cook till the other side is done too. Serve hot with tomato ketchup or your favorite chutney.