Well…these melt in mouth Ladoo’s are perfect treat for your guests during festive season. I have seen people preparing Gaundh Ladoo’s using Semolina/ Suji but I personally love Gaundh Ladoo’s made with wheat flour/atta. Gaundh/ Gond/Gaund in Hindi is known as Gom in Assamese, it is an “edible gum” that is extracted from the bark of a tree. It is available in crystal form as pearly drops costing about Rs. 80 per 250 grams.Try out my recipe I’m sure you are going to love it!


Preparation Time : 30 minutes
Makes : 20-25 Ladoo’s

Ingredients :
Wheat flour/atta : 2 cups
Sugar : 1 cup (powdered)
Clarified butter / Desi Ghee : 1 cup
Gaundh : 125 grams
Almonds : 12-15 (roughly cut)
Whole pepper corns : 1 tablespoon
Cardamom/ Elaichi powder : 1/4 teaspoon

Method :

Heat half of the Ghee in a kadhai. Fry the gaundh in medium heat little by little till it puffs out. Drain excess ghee and keep aside. Fry the roughly cut almonds till golden brown in the same ghee. Drain excess ghee and keep aside. In a pan, dry roast the pepper corns for 1-2 minutes over medium flame and keep aside.

In a kadhai, take the wheat flour and saute on medium flame till you get the fragrance of roasted wheat, ensuring it’s rawness is completely gone. This will take about 15-20 minutes. Make sure that the flour is not burnt. Now turn off the flame and while still hot add in the powdered sugar, cardamom powder, almonds, pepper and mix well. Now add the left ghee and combine well. The mixture should not be too wet or too much dry.

While still hot take the mixture out in a plate. Now wash your hands with cold water, apply little ghee and make small round balls from the mixture by taking small amount of the mixture and pressing it between your fingers and palm to give it a shape. In case your Ladoo’s are falling apart, just add a tablespoon of ghee to the mixture and make the balls. This may sometime happen if your mixture is too dry. Keep water away from the mixture or else the Ladoo’s will not turn out as desired.

Let the Ladoo’s cool and serve them with a cup of tea or coffee. You can store them in airtight containers for about 2-3 weeks.