This cake is a variation to my Semolina Cake and trust me it’s delicious! For this recipe you would require the roasted thin long Vermicelli noodles which does not require any cooking. Give it a try!


Preparation Time : 40 minutes
Serves : 6-8 persons

Ingredients :
Sooji / Semolina / rawa : 1 cup
Refined flour / Maida : 1/2 cup
Vermicelli / Sewaiyan : 1/2 cup
Orange Juice : 1/2 cup
Powdered Sugar : 1 cup
Milk powder : 2 tablespoons (optional)
Milk : 1 cup
Refined oil : 1 cup
Salt a pinch
Water as required
Baking soda : 1 teaspoon
Cardamom / Elaichi powder : 1 teaspoon
Dried orange zest : 1 teaspoon chopped (optional)

Method :

In a bowl mix the oil and milk, now slowly add the sooji / rawa, refined flour, Vermicelli, milk powder, baking soda and salt while stirring in clock wise motion. Add in the orange juice. You can use both fresh or packaged. In casevyou are using packaged juice adjust the sugar accordingly. Add little water if required to make a semi thick batter like a cake batter. Now add the Cardamom powder and dried orange zest and mix well. If you can add dry fruits like raisin, cashews, almonds and cherries in this stage. You can also add in few drops of natural orange food colour to make the cake more brighter.

Now grease a pressure cooker cake tin with little oil and dust with flour. You can also line the cake tin sides with paper so that un-moulding the cake becomes easy. Now pressure cook without whistle for about 40 minutes. Check whether a knife comes out clean and the cake is ready to be served.

You can also microwave the cake using a microwave safe cake mould at HIGH for 5 minutes. The only difference is that the cake turns out beautiful brown when cooked in a pressure cooker and turns out white when cooked in the microwave.

Dust the cake with a little icing sugar and serve with a cup of tea or coffee.