If you want to try your hands at making ice-cream you need to start with the very basic vanilla ice cream.Vanilla ice cream can be served plain or topped with a chocolate, strawberry or caramel sauce. You can also serve the ice cream with your favourite fruits, nuts or sizzling hot walnut brownie! You can experiment different combinations using this basic vanilla ice cream recipe! Try it out!

Setting Time : Minimun 5-6 hours 

Serves : 10-12 persons

Ingredients : 

Sugar : 1 cup / Sugarfree Natura : 3 tablespoons 

Full fat milk : 1 litre

Cornflour : 2 tablespoons 

Fresh Cream : 1 cup *I have used Amul Cream

Vanilla Essence : 2 tablespoons 


Keep aside 1/2 cup Milk and mix it with the cornflour. Keep aside. Heat the rest milk in a deep bottomed pan and let it simmer for 10 minutes on medium flame while stirring occasionally.

Now add in the sugar or sugarfree whichever you are using and the cornflour-milk mixture. Mix well and cook on a medium flame for 4 to 5 minutes while stirring continuously till a smooth custard like consistency is formed. Stir continuously to avoid lumpd. Remove from flame and cool completely.

When the custard is completely cool then add in the fresh cream and vanilla essence and mix well.

Pour the mixture into aluminium container. Cover with an aluminium foil and freeze for 5-6 hours. When the mixture is semi set then put the mixture into a mixer grinder and blend till smooth.Transfer the mixture back into the same aluminium shallow container. Cover with an aluminium foil and freeze for minimum 8-10 hours or overnight till set.

Scoop into individual serving bowls and serve.

*Top it with your favourite syrup like Chocolate sauce, Maple syrup, Strawberry sauce, Butterscotch sauce, Caramel sauce or even Rose syrup for add flavour and variety.

*Instead of Vanilla you can use any other natural food essence or colour and make that Icecream with this very basic Icecream recipe!