Rosella is also known as Tengamora or Mesta tenga in Assamese, Belchanda in Nepali, mwitha in Bodo, Chukor in Bengali, Sougri in Manipur, Gongura in Telugu, Andhra Matha or Andhra Sakhambari Varapradasadam in Telugu, Ambadi in Marathi and LalChatni or Kutrum in Kerala. Rosella is abundantly available during the winters and on my husband’s request I prepared the first batch this season strictly following my mother’s delectable recipe. It has been my favourite Jam or Jelly since childhood and now I’m treating my little one with it. This recipe does not have any preservatives and thus is ideal for your kids daily consumption. You can store this Jam in the Refrigerator and relish for about 15 days! Try out this recipe and I’m sure your family and friends will love it!

Preparation Time : 30 minutes

Makes : 1 small bottle of James

Ingredients :

Rosella : 500 grams

Bay leaf / Tejpatta : 4

Panchporan / 5 sspices : 1 teaspoon

Water : 1 cup

Salt : 1 teaspoon

Refined oil : 3 tablespoons

Sugar : 1 cup

Method :

Rosella is neither a fruit nor a flower. However for the ease of explanation let’s call it the Rosella bud and petals.

Remote the petals from the Rosella buds.

*Don’t throw away the buds as you can add it to your favourite Daal or Lentil preparation to give it a tangy taste.

Wash properly and drain excess water using a colander or let it dry on a paper just to soak the excess water.
Heat the Refined oil in a kadhai or pan. Add the Panchporan, salt and bayleaf. Immediately add in the Rosella petals and mix well. Remember to put the flame to low otherwise the Rosella petals will burn and stick to the pan.

Saute for about 3 minutes and add 1 cup Water. Let the Rosella boil for around 6 minutes on medium flame. You will notice that the petals will start melting and it will give a bright red colour to the mixture. If you feel the water has completely dried out during the boiling stage then you can add around half a cup of water.
Let the mixture cool for around 5 minutes. Nown strain the mixture using a strainer using a ladle so that you get rid of the spices and get a smooth pulp.

Now transfer this pulp in a pan and add in the sugar.Let ithe come to a boil on medium flame. The sugar will completely dissolve and the mixture will eventually become semi thick just like the consistency of Jam.This will take about 5 to 6 minutes.

*Taste a little mixture in this stage and a little more sugar according to your taste if you think the mixture is too tangy.

Keep on stirring constantly so that the mixture does not stick to the pan. Dont let the mixture over dry or else your jam will become too dry and difficult for you to spread while eating. Turn off the heat as soon as you get a Custard like consistency.

Let it cool completely and transfer the Jelly to a glass jar.

You can refrigerate immediately or after a day and relish for about 2 weeks.

Spread over toasts, rotis or biscuits and enjoy this yummy Jelly!