Ganache is basically a French origin term which means luscious glaze made from chocolate and cream. The texture of Ganache you want vary depending on the ratio of chocolate to cream, what type of chocolate is used viz dark, milk or white chocolate, the percentage of cocoa or at what temperature it is used.

Chocolate truffles are often prepared with thick ganache. Thinner consistency of ganache is often used for glazing or in fondues. Medium texture is perfect for frosting cakes. Whipped Ganache turns out to be luscious chocolate mousse.

Though sounds simple but making the perfect gananche to suit your requirment is not a easy task! But eventually with practice you will gain expertise in making the perfect ganache. Here are some of my tried and tested ganache recipes to suit your requirements. Try out the recipes and get back for queries and comments!

Preparation Time : 15 minutes

Makes : A 6 inch cake layered and covered will essentially require about 500 grams of chocolate ganache. You can use this standard and the below given ratios to make the required amount of ganache. I always believe in preparing a little extra! Excess ganache can easily be refrigerated and used within a week. You can use it for topping your crepes, pancakes, brownies and Icecream too!

*Always use a kitchen scale for measuring your Ingredients for baking or frosting requirements.

Cake frosted with White Chocolate Ganache

Thick Ganache

Purpose : Piping rossetes and other decorations in cakes, Making truffles etc.

Measures : Ratio 2 : 1

Ingredients :

Semisweet or bittersweet chocolate or choco chips : 500 grams or 2 cups

Heavy full fat cream : 250 grams or 1 cup

Normal Thin Ganache

Purpose : Can be used as glaze, for fondue, frosting, or for making whipped ganache etc.

Measures : Ratio 1 : 1

Ingredients :

Semisweet or bittersweet chocolate or choco chips : 500 grams or 2 cups

Heavy full fat cream : 500 grams or 2 cups

Light Thin Ganache

Purpose : Can be used to make chocolate mousse or chocolate drip etc.

Measures : Ratio 1 : 2

Ingredients :

Semisweet or bittersweet chocolate or choco chips : 250 grams or 1 cup

Heavy full fat cream : 500 grams or 2 cups

Extra Shiny Glaze :  Add a tablespoon of butter or corn syrup to the above ratios to give the chocolate glaze some extra shine.

Flavour & colouring : You can add vanilla, almond or any other essence to boost the flavour. Liqueurs too can be added in a small amount to add flavouring!  You can add your favourite colour in white chocolate ganache. Divide the ganache in parts, add separate colorings and use!

Steps : 

You can either use a double boiler or a microwave to melt your chocolate and cream! Here I have detailed both the steps :

Ganache using Microwave : 

Chop the chocolate if you are using bars so that it will melt uniformly and place the chocolate in a microwave safe big bowl. Add the cream. Microwave on HIGH for a minute. Bring out and stir well with a spatula. If the chocolate does not melt evenly then again microwave on HIGH for 30 seconds. Bring out and mix well. Depending on the chocolate you have used and the size of the chopped chocolates, the melting time will vary. If you feel the chocolate has not melted then microwave and stir on gaps of 30 seconds for a max of about 2 minutes 30 seconds to get the perfect ganache. Do overheat if your chocolate has started to dissolve evenly in the cream else this can burn the chocolate and result in a bitter grainy texture.

Ganache using double boiler : 

Chop the chocolate if you are using bars so that it will melt uniformly and place the chocolate in bowl.

Add the cream to a bowl and place it in a double boiler and heat it to the point when you see the first sign of movement or bubbles beginning to form. Once you reach this point, remove the cream from heat and pour over the chocolate. Let the cream sit for 2 minutes and then mix well using a spatula. Mix evenly so that there are no lumps. If you feel there are lumps then place it back on the double boiler and mix so that the mixture is lump free. The ganache should be uniform and smooth.

Cake frosted with Dark Chocolate Ganache

How to use the Ganache : 

You can use warm ganache as a fondue and can dip fruits, bread croutons or cake pieces and relish. If you want to use it as a glaze, allow approximately 10 minutes cooling time so that it thickens up slightly. If you want to pipe decorations on a cake, allow it to cool for a few hours or to desired consistency. You can refrigerate the ganache after its slightly cool. However,  take it out about 60 minutes prior to frosting a cake! For perfect whipped ganache, it should be at room temperature.

Once the ganache has reached room temperature, whip it only until soft peaks form. One to two minutes of whipping should be enough. Dont over whip the ganache. Once you have whipped the ganache to soft peaks, allow it to cool in the refrigerator. It should firm up nicely with a smooth texture. Use this ganache to frost your cake!

Please get back to me for any queries!