Even though I love my cup of tea almost anytime throughout the day but the scorching summer heat has indeed reduced my urge of drinking tea and coffee to just a cup in the morning. Even though I make sure my toddler is kept hydrated with fresh fruit juice, smooties, shakes or lassi, this Summer I have found the perfect Detox solution for my husband and me. Just gather it before you go to sleep and have it in the next morning or prepare it 3-4 hours prior, chill and sip anytime of the day, this Detox water brings along numerous heath benefits along with its refreshing taste! Serve it to your guests instead and let them rejoice it too! 

Preparation Time : 5 minutes 

Serves : 2-3 persons 


Water : 1 litre 

Cucumber : 1 small 

Lemon : 1 

Mint : 1/2 bunch

Sugar / Sugarfree : As required  (optional)

Salt : As per taste  (optional)


Take the water in a pitcher, individual glasses (3 glasses) or the more fashionable mason jar glasses. 

Wash the Cucumber and Discard both the ends. Wash again and thinly slice it along with the skin. Divide and put in the water. Similarly wash the lemon. Discard the seeds and slice it thinly and mix in with the Cucumber. Wash the mint sprigs and mix in with the mint and Cucumber too. 

Cover the pitcher, glass or jar and refrigerate overnight or for 3-4 hours. Take out from the refrigerator anytime you crave for a drink and relish. 

Incase you want to balance it with some sugar and salt or sweetener go ahead! I like my drink as it is! 

This drink rehydrates your body and replenishes daily vitamins. It’s aids in digestion and weight loss. Regular intake ensures beautiful glowing skin. Ideal for diabetic patients too as Cucumber is know for naturally benefitting insulin supply in the body. Indeed the ideal Detox drink for this summer! Do give it a try!