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Main Course

Mutton Nandan Curry 

We celebrate the Vijaya Dashami like a feast. For a special family dinner, I decided to try my hands on a new mutton recipe - Nandan Mutton Curry - essentially a preparation from Kerela, the Southern part of India. Take... Continue Reading →


Fish Curry with Eggplant

I have always been an eggplant lover. Whether you call it Eggplant, Aubergine or Baingan in Hindi and Bengena in Assamese, this humble vegetable is so adaptable. You can prepare really rustic to modern dishes with this wonderful vegetable. Baingan... Continue Reading →

Chicken with curry leaves

It's very often that your family often complains about the regular boring chicken curry you make but when a beautiful soothing green gravy is served to them they are sure to relish it! This recipe not only looks beautiful but... Continue Reading →

Mutton Do Pyazza 

Surprisingly I have never tasted mutton as from childhood I was only a fan of Chicken. However after marriage I started preparing Mutton delicacies as it was my Husband's favourite protein!  Even though I don't taste my mutton dishes, my... Continue Reading →

Egg Do Pyazza 

Well you must have heard of Chicken Do Pyazza or Mutton Do Pyazza which is essentially a preparation with onions two ways. This egg curry is my take on the same for people who relish thick gravies with roti or... Continue Reading →

Chili Chicken Gravy

Love Chinese? Love Chili Chicken? Why order from outside. Prepare this delicacy at home by following these easy steps! Treat yourself and your loved ones! Serve with Fried rice or Hakka Noodles. Marination Time : Minimun 30 minutes Preparation Time... Continue Reading →

Muri Ghonto with Joha Rice

Muri Ghonto is basically fried fish head cooked with different ingredients like Moong Dal, Brinjal, Flatted Rice/ Poha etc. It is a typical Bengali rice preparation cooked with fish head popular in Bengal and Assam. With all thanks to my... Continue Reading →

Steamed fish with Poppy seeds Bhapot diya maach 

This easy steamed fish recipe was a hit when I served it to my husband for dinner. He was bored of the regular Assamese style fish curry and was looking for a healthier option. Try out this recipe, I'm sure... Continue Reading →

Curd Rice

Curd rice is as common in South India as Khichdi in North India. It is a comfort food which can be prepared in minutes. Curd rice is also a stomach cooler during the summers. Try out this quick recipe! Preparation... Continue Reading →

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