Chicken Malai Tikka 

Preparation Time : 20 minutes Minimum Marination Time : 2.5 hours Serves : 4-6 persons ​Ingredients : Boneless Chicken : 300 grams ( cut into small pieces) Fresh cream / Malai : 1/2 cup (I have used Amul Cream) Processed Cheese : 2 tablespoons  (I have used 1 grated Amul Cheese Cube) Yogurt/ Dahi :... Continue Reading →


Fried Fish with Onions and Capsicum 

Being an Assamese I love fish! Keeping the health point in view, often I steam or bake fish for my family! But sometimes there is nothing like fried fish! For this recipe you can use any small whole fish Lasun, Bhangun, Boriola, Puthi  (Swam / Ticto Barb) etc. In case you don't get the same... Continue Reading →

Veggie Omelette 

There are surely a lot of Omelette lovers out there! I love Omelette sunny side up and full of veggies. Just have it with bread or Roti for a quick wholesome meal! Preparation Time : 10 minutes Serves : 1-2 persons Ingredients : Egg : 3 Tomato : 1, cut into rings Onion : 1,... Continue Reading →

Chicken Fry

If you love eating Chicken then this simple and quick chicken Fry recipe is a must try for you this weekend. It is a perfect appetizer when served with some ketchup or Chili mayo dip! Try it out! Marination Time : Minimun 30 minutes Preparation Time : 15 minutes Serves : 4-6 persons Ingredients :... Continue Reading →

Drums of Heaven 

Drums of Heaven is a Chinese Starter dish with Chicken lollipops tossed in Schezwan sauce. It's my husband weekend favourite! Try out this recipe and I'm sure it will be your favourite too! Marination Time : 3-4 hours Preparation Time : 30 minutes  Serves : 4 persons  Ingredients : For chicken drums : Chicken lollipops... Continue Reading →

Potato Snackies with Chili Mayo Dip

Preparation Time : 15 minutes Serves : 4-6 persons Ingredients : Potato : 4 large Eggs : 2 Refined flour /Maida : 3 tablespoons Salt as per taste Pepper : 1/4 teaspoon Dried Basil : 1/2 teaspoon Mixed Herbs : 1/4 teaspoon Refined oil for deep frying For dip: Mayonnaise : 4 tablespoons Chili sauce... Continue Reading →

Chili chicken dry fry

A loved Chicken fry recipe with onions and Chili. Can be served as a main course or can be a perfect appetizer. Preparation Time : 45 minutes Serves : 4-6 persons Ingredients : Small Chicken Pieces: 500 grams. (You can use both Boneless or with Bone) Soya sauce: 2 tablespoon White vinegar : 3 tablespoons... Continue Reading →

Spanish Omelette

Omelette is loved by almost all non vegetarians. This Omelette adds a zing to the regular Omelette making it delicious. You can have it at breakfast, at lunch or dinner as a side dish or even as a snack. Preparation Time : 15 minutes Serves : 4-6 persons Ingredients : Eggs : 6 Green chillies... Continue Reading →

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