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Sweet and Sour Olive Pickle

Mitha Jalphai Achaar or Sweet and Sour Olive pickle  is the quintessential favourite of an Assamese or Bengali household. In Assam, olives are abundantly available during the months of November and December. So, if you want olives all year round... Continue Reading →


Russian Salad

My all time favourite! Russian salad is a combination of par boiled vegetables and fruits dressed with mayonnaise and fresh cream.This luscious salad make an amazing snack when you have some guests over! I add macaroni too to enhance the... Continue Reading →

Pickled Cucumber

This is a great accompaniment not very common in India but really tastes great with almost anything you have. You can store it in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. Preparation Time : 10 minutes Serves : 40-50 servings Ingredients :... Continue Reading →

Mixed Chili pickle

Preparation Time : 30 minutes Serves : 40-50 servings Ingredients : Garlic : 1 big peeled, washed and dried and chopped Ginger : 2 inch piece chopped Green / Red chili : 200 grams washed, cut into half inch pieces... Continue Reading →

Garlic Pickle Lasun ka Achaar

For those who have high blood pressure or cholesterol problem this simple pickle recipe can do wonders if you do not want to consume raw garlic. This recipe would also be great for breastfeeding mother's as there is no chili... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Coleslaw

This recipe turns out to be great as a sidie with Burgers, sandwiches or even Fried Chicken. Very easy and indeed tasty!! Preparation Time: 10 minutes Serves: 4 persons Ingredients: Carrots:  ½ cup shredded Red cabbage: 2 cups sliced Green... Continue Reading →

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