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Beetroot chops

Beetroot is reckoned to be a great purifier. It detoxifies your body by pulling the toxins into the colon from where they can be evacuated. However often we don't like the deep earthy flavor of beetroot. So here is a... Continue Reading →


Paneer Pakoda Cottage Cheese Fritters

If you are bored of regular Pakoda's with your evening tea or coffee, try a different taste of pakoda made with the addition of Paneer. Cottage cheese / Paneer pakoda's make the perfect light appetizer, great for the family or for treating your sudden... Continue Reading →

Capsicum Bhuna Masala

My husband hates capsicum especially when it's over cooked. The only thing he likes is deep fried capsicum fritters. I added a little twist and prepared this Capsicum Bhuna Masala recipe for dinner today and he completely loved it! Try... Continue Reading →

Vegetable Soya Fried Rice 

Whenever you plan to cook Chinese for Dinner whether for your family or for your guests this vegetable and soya chunks fried rice is a sure hit! It's simple and quick! Ideal tiffin recipe for kids too! Prepare it with... Continue Reading →

Broken Wheat Dalia Pulao 

Broken Wheat is a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner substitute for Rice or Roti. This Dalia Pulao recipe is health in a bowl with an interesting twist if you are bored of Dalia Khichdi or porridge. Perfect diet food for... Continue Reading →

Pesarattu Green Moong Dal Dosa

​​Pesarattu or Green Moong/ Mug Dal Dosa is one of Andhra Pradesh’s breakfast delights. You can use either whole green moong dal or split Moong Dal to make these Dosa’s. Green Moong Dal is also called green gram. This recipe... Continue Reading →

Matar Paneer Cottage Cheese cooked with peas

Lòoks like paneer and peas are match made in heaven. The mild gravy made with onions and other spices imparts a rich taste to the cottage cheese and paneer. There are different versions of this classic recipe. Here is my... Continue Reading →

Asomiya Khaar with Pumpkin leaves and Jackfruit seeds

Khaar is an essential part of the Assamese platter. It is essentially a palette cleanser. This Kothal Guti and Lau paat Khaar recipe (Jackfruit seeds cooked with tender Pumpkin leaves) is inherited from my Mother in law. Try out this... Continue Reading →

Raw banana Dahi vada

Raw bananas contain considerable amounts of resistant starch and pectin, which are types of dietary fiber. Raw bananas also helps in absorbing nutrients better, particularly calcium. Good for diabetes or health conscious persons. This savory recipe prepared with raw bananas is... Continue Reading →

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