Khurma Shakkar Para

Khurma as known in the North Indian states is also known as Shakkar Para in many parts of India. It is a perfect for sweer lovers as it is essenntially a sugar coated munchie! Khurna is popularly a deep fried snack often found in small rectangular pieces or in a triangular shape. I have given... Continue Reading →


Dahi Kachori Chaat

I start drooling as soon as I hear the word "Chaat". The creamy Yogurt, the mint and tamarind chutney imparts a delectable flavor to most fried foods. Whenever you have leftover Kachoris at home try out this Dahi Kachori Chaat recipe to lure your taste buds! Click on the links for additional recipes of Kachoris,... Continue Reading →

Dahi Samosa Chaat 

Festive season means lot of leftover snacks and sweets. But if you love Chaats then you can use any leftover Samosas or Singaras to make Dahi Samosa Chaat. Well if you want you can use homemade Samosas too! Try out this mouthwatering recipe!! Click on the links for additional recipes of Mint and tamarind chutney.... Continue Reading →

Khasta Moong Dal Kachori

Kachoris whether stuffed with daal or onions are relished by all. It's an ideal accompaniment to your evening cup of tea or coffee. However we find it laborious to make it at home and always purchase from the nearest Sweet shop. It's an art to make crispy kachori's.Often Kachoris turn out soggy and unappealing. This... Continue Reading →

Sabudana Vadas 

Sabudana vadas often known as Sago Vadas or Tapioca Fries are ideal family snacks which can also be consumed during Navaratri or Janmastami fasts. However in that case avoid the onion and replace common salt with Sendha Namak (rock salt). These vadas are soft from inside and crispy outside, just too good to resist. Try... Continue Reading →

Beetroot chops

Beetroot is reckoned to be a great purifier. It detoxifies your body by pulling the toxins into the colon from where they can be evacuated. However often we don't like the deep earthy flavor of beetroot. So here is a recipe which allow you to include this superfood easily in your family's diet. Try it... Continue Reading →

Paneer Pakoda Cottage Cheese Fritters

If you are bored of regular Pakoda's with your evening tea or coffee, try a different taste of pakoda made with the addition of Paneer. Cottage cheese / Paneer pakoda's make the perfect light appetizer, great for the family or for treating your sudden guests. This is a quick recipe with no prior preparation required. You get the spice taste... Continue Reading →

Raw banana Dahi vada

Raw bananas contain considerable amounts of resistant starch and pectin, which are types of dietary fiber. Raw bananas also helps in absorbing nutrients better, particularly calcium. Good for diabetes or health conscious persons. This savory recipe prepared with raw bananas is a healthy version of the popular street chaat, Dahi vada. Preparation Time : 30 minutes... Continue Reading →

Tomato and basil soup

I always have Tomato and basil soup in #PizzaHut This one is my version of tomato and basil soup. Be in winters or lazy summer weekends this soup is a sure hit for tomato lovers!! Preparation Time : 30 minutes Serves : 4-6 persons Ingredients : Tomato : 500 grams blanched, skin and seeds removed,... Continue Reading →

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