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Paneer Malai Kofta Curry 

Malai kofta curry is essentially deep fried paneer dumplings with a creamy smooth tomato based gravy. It's a loved vegetarian main course recipe in India. Tastes great with Pulao, Naan, Roti or kulcha! There are different variations to this recipe... Continue Reading →


Fish Curry with Eggplant

I have always been an eggplant lover. Whether you call it Eggplant, Aubergine or Baingan in Hindi and Bengena in Assamese, this humble vegetable is so adaptable. You can prepare really rustic to modern dishes with this wonderful vegetable. Baingan... Continue Reading →

Mix Veg with Cucumber

Mix veg is extremely common in all Indian kitchens. Whether you are at home or ordering food at a restaurant, a mix vegetable dish is essential to go with rice or roti. Usually the vegetables used in mix veg include... Continue Reading →

Cucumber Lemon Mint Detox Water

Even though I love my cup of tea almost anytime throughout the day but the scorching summer heat has indeed reduced my urge of drinking tea and coffee to just a cup in the morning. Even though I make sure... Continue Reading →

Setting the Perfect Yogurt

Setting the perfect Yogurt at home was a faraway dream for me as it's so easily available in the market that you can easily buy and gorge! I love Yogurt (Dahi in Hindi and Doi as it is called in... Continue Reading →

Chicken with curry leaves

It's very often that your family often complains about the regular boring chicken curry you make but when a beautiful soothing green gravy is served to them they are sure to relish it! This recipe not only looks beautiful but... Continue Reading →

Chicken Clear Soup

Whenever we are out for Lunch or Dinner with my Sister in Law's family, the first thing she would order is Chicken Clear soup till the rest course is finalised. And then when the soups arrives, I rather find it... Continue Reading →

Glazed Cherries

We very often use preserved or canned cherries for topping our desserts but the tangy sweet taste of fresh cherries elevates your preparation to a completely different level. However, sometimes when you are preparing fresh fruit or black forest cakes... Continue Reading →

Whipping Cream

Whipping cream is a star ingredient especially for desserts! Whether for frosting your cakes, topping your coffee, icecream, smooties or for serving with your crepes and pancakes, a dollop of whipping cream makes it all so special! But it took... Continue Reading →

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