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Aloo Posto with Tomatoes

Aloo Posto is a famous Bengali side dish and is often served with lunch or dinner meals. The poppy seeds add a distinct flavor to the preparation and makes it a daily favorite. This is a variation of one of... Continue Reading →


Fruit Custard

One of the easiest dessert you could ever make to treat yourself and your guests is the luscious fruit custard. I usually make this dessert by using Brown & Polson Vanilla custard powder but you can use whichever brand is... Continue Reading →

Almond & Cashewnuts Praline

Pralines are a confection of French origin made of nuts covered in caramel. You can expect a pleasantly sweet taste with an abundance of toasted nuts. I usually use Praline to decorate cakes and cupcakes as they are the perfect... Continue Reading →

Sweet and Sour Olive Pickle

Mitha Jalphai Achaar or Sweet and Sour Olive pickle  is the quintessential favourite of an Assamese or Bengali household. In Assam, olives are abundantly available during the months of November and December. So, if you want olives all year round... Continue Reading →

Chicken Malai Tikka 

Preparation Time : 20 minutes Minimum Marination Time : 2.5 hours Serves : 4-6 persons ​Ingredients : Boneless Chicken : 300 grams ( cut into small pieces) Fresh cream / Malai : 1/2 cup (I have used Amul Cream) Processed... Continue Reading →

Mutton Nandan Curry 

We celebrate the Vijaya Dashami like a feast. For a special family dinner, I decided to try my hands on a new mutton recipe - Nandan Mutton Curry - essentially a preparation from Kerela, the Southern part of India. Take... Continue Reading →


Lassi is an ideal filling drink to beat the scorching summer heat! Not just summers though, it's a all season favourite drink of mine! Loved by kids and adults, this drink can also be offered to toddlers! This recipe can... Continue Reading →

Golgappa or Pani Puri

Pani Puri, Puchka, Golgappa or Golgappe whatever you call it, these mashed potato stuffed mini puri's dipped in a tangy Pudina/ Mint Pani, Pomegranate/ Anar Pani or Tamarind/Imli Pani is the most popular Street food owing to its sweet and... Continue Reading →

Review of Kareems Guwahati

#RestaurantReview #KareemsGuwahati #ReviewOfKareemsGuwahati This Weekend was dedicated to the delectable kebabs and biryani at Kareem's Guwahati. They have recently entered the North East food space with their franchise outlet in the food court of Rudraksh Mall, Bhangagarh, Guwahati. Even though... Continue Reading →

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